Toronto, ON - June 25-26, 2021
Regional Immersive Small Group Training
Quarterbacks, Receivers and Running Backs 



Collective Academy is the only pro-style development pipeline.  Athletes have exclusive access to the very same development, evaluation, education and leadership as the NFL’s biggest stars. 

Professional Instruction within Limited Enrollment Small Groups.  No long lines. Personal interaction with our nationally-recognized team of coaches to increase your player self-confidence.  All athletes are placed in age and experience level appropriate small groups to maximize personal skill-acquisition and learning curve.

Combination Classroom and On-Field Instruction.  Featured classroom clinics complement dynamic fieldwork sessions to dramatically improve football acumen and skill-specific techniques and movements. 

Quarterbacks Improve Throwing Power, Accuracy and Decision Making. Learn how to apply proper biomechanics and critical arm care techniques to ensure long-term peak performance and arm health. QBs also learn critical techniques to improve vision, coverage recognition and pocket presence under pressure! 

Position Specific Groups Improve Explosive Playmaking!
Receivers, Running Backs, Offensive Linemen, Defensive Linemen, Linebacker and Defensive Backs all learn from subject matter expert coaches critical techniques and football acumen to gain a competitive advantage within their position group!  

Fully Comprehensive Assessments and Testing.  Every player will be tested both physically and cognitively on a full battery of player testing Assessments. Players can ppt in to learn strengths and weaknesses to optimize their training. 

Be Evaluated to Participate in Elite Events and Competitions. 
High School QBs will be evaluated for participation in the QB Collective Invitational in Los Angels on July 9-11. Underclassmen QBs can qualify for The Duel National Quarterback Competition in Atlanta (East) on July 2-3 and in Los Angeles (West) on July 8-9 or the Victoria Invitational July 23-25.

Ages and Experience: 
9 to 18+, beginners to elite.  All athletes are placed in age and experience level appropriate small groups to maximize personal skill-acquisition and learning curve.

Day 1: Check-in 5:45pm and Training 6:00pm to 8:30pm
Day 2: Check-in 8:15am and Training 8:30am to 12:30pm

Location: Toronto, ON - TBD

What to bring: QBs must bring a football marked with their last name. All positions must bring both Cleats and Court Shoes (be prepared for both indoor and outdoors). Hand sanitizer and mask. Also please bring your own drinking water or recovery fluids and healthy snacks.  And finally, make sure you bring a passion to improve! 

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